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ContentKeeper Filtering
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SafetyNet ISP Ltd is currently providing quality Filtered Internet connections, Virtual ISP Services and Web Hosting to individuals, business and other organizations throughout New Zealand.

We are proud to be providing to Internet users a filtering service we know to be the best available globally for filtering web content. See the latest press release on the News link.

ContentKeeper Technologies' ISP and corporate filtering solutions will provide to New Zealand individuals, schools and businesses the solution to the filtering frustrations that have plagued the Internet industry to date. If you want to Monitor, Manage and Control your Internet connection, we can provide this via our ISP services (click here to see how) or via your own corporate filtering appliance installed on your network. At SafetyNet, we also offer a full range of Internet and networking services to suit any need and we are constantly expanding and improving our systems to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Please take time to browse around our site and we hope you enjoy your visit. If there is any way at all we can be of service to you, please contact us.